Starting a Blog… Again

Start a personal blog or website. There’s something I’ve tried to do many times. I’ve owned for at least ten years, probably longer. Throughout that period of time, I’ve redirected the URL to my presence on many sites. Blogspot. Blogger. Facebook. Tumblr. Twitter. I’ve set up everything from simple HTML pages to robust WordPress sites for

Nothing ever stuck. I’d develop a layout. I’d choose the graphics. I’d create a post, or two, or several. But then I’d lose steam. I’d decide that I had nothing to write about. My life isn’t really that interesting. My thoughts aren’t that deep. I have nothing to contribute. I’m too tired tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow. As a result, you never saw those sites. And they no longer exist.


Tragic story. What a mistake! If anything, I would have documented the journey. I have another confession to make. I’ve also never been consistent in journaling. I don’t have much documentation of how I felt at certain periods of my life. I can’t see, in black and white, the thought processes of the more youthful Eric Heltzel.

Imagine having the excitement of my first job captured on paper, or the day before proposing to my wife, Joann. Or probably better yet, the day after she had said yes. What was I pondering when we moved from Orlando, Florida to Boston, Massachusetts after being married for less than two years? What about all the travels in between then and now? Sure, my brain has stored some of it, but the specifics have faded with time. The power of the emotions has ebbed away. It’s hard to know when to plot the experiences on my internal timeline.


This isn’t a sob story or some sort of obsession with the past. It’s a personal call to action. I don’t have that information written down by Eric the Younger. That bum never did it. But Eric the Right Now can do it for Eric the Older. And I can do it for YOU.

Hopefully, in my past 37 years on this planet, I’ve acquired something to share. Maybe my words can help you face a situation. Maybe I can motivate you to act. Maybe I can use this blog to drive personal accountability regarding my goals.


If you don’t have a personal blog, start one today. It’s not hard. With minimal investment, you can have your own custom URL and hosting that you control. If you don’t have a budget for that, set one up for free on and migrate it later. Contact me for help getting started if you’re at a loss.

What you share will be invaluable to you and others as time goes by. You will have a clearer view of your priorities and will be able to adjust them accordingly. Others will find you. Your voice will resonate with some of them. They will appreciate what you have to offer and will look forward to your posts. You will build trust with your audience. In a future post, I will discuss the power of developing that trust.

Will this blog continue? I want to make all kinds of commitments to you and to myself. Pinky promise. Triple stamp it. Brand an oath on my forehead. But I won’t do that. Time will tell. I hope that you’re looking through a plethora of archived posts on this site and came across this one. It’s the first one. The one where I started this blog for the last time.

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