Reasons You Need a Blog Too–Part 3

Reasons 1-6 described in Parts 1 and 2 were: The Money, The Connections, The Challenge, The Skills, The Discipline, and Your Well-Being.

Here are my final 3 reasons why you need a blog in your life.

7. The Excitement

Blogging is going to make your life more exciting. You may be wondering, “Wait, what? How is sitting at my computer more going to make everything more exciting?”

In time, you may have to expend some extra effort to find topics and experiences to write about. You’re going to have to fix that. So you’ll start to explore options in your local area for things to write about. Perhaps you try that new restaurant down the street or try an entree you’ve never had before. Maybe you attend an event or festival in your town. Your blog is making you a more interesting person already.

After you’ve exhausted the options in your own ZIP Code, you’ll have to search out more to discuss. So you’ll take a day trip. You’ll break out that camera and start recording the journey. You’ll take along a friend. You’re having a great time now. Keep it up! Before you know it, you’re booking tickets to destinations around the world. Because of the connections you’ve made, you’re sharing the experience with readers from all around the world. You’ve become a world-traveler.

Now your blog has grown and has gained massive popularity. By extension, you’ve attained a level of fame. Don’t let this go to your head. But enjoy rubbing shoulders with others who have put forth the same kind of hard work that you have and enjoy the rewards and the plaudits from your fans.

8. The Record

A few days ago I mentioned in a post how I wished that I had recorded my life in a journal. I wish that I could look back and see the day-to-day thoughts, actions, and happenings of my life. I’m not encouraging you to just make your blog a journal, but it will provide a record for you to look back on and relive some of the experiences you have made.

Without your blog, you may have a good deal of memories from your experiences, but consider what it would be like to have many of those details recorded on your blog. When a memory is forgotten, there may be no way to retrieve it, as you soon forget that the memory even existed. How sad to see so many memories lost forever. People and places. Erased. Save and cherish as many as possible by storing them safely in your digital record.

9. Freedom

At the moment, your life may be controlled by your employment and that control probably extends beyond your workday. Your boss probably sets your hours. Where your job is located dictates where you live. Maybe you even have to look a certain way to fit the part.

Blogging can be done from anywhere on the planet. Well, anywhere with an internet connection. Even if you disconnect, you can have posts set up to publish even while you’re off the grid. With this new career you’ve started, you can truly be location independent. You can move anywhere in the world. If you want to live in a tent in South America to lower your expenses, your readers will probably love hearing about it. You now have the opportunity to travel anywhere and stay as long as you want.

As a blogger, you get to spend your days the way you want to spend them. If you like to work late, stay up late writing your post. Write until the sun rises. If you want to write in the morning, writing in the morning. If you want to write after lunch, go for it. You schedule your days because you’re working for yourself. If you are able to write two days each week and then enjoy your surroundings, no one is stopping you. You’re going to have even more to write about as a result.

It may be possible to enjoy a massive amount of freedom compared to the life you lead now. And isn’t that what we all what? The freedom to choose? That’s more valuable than any sum of money. In fact, that’s really what money gives us. The freedom to choose and do what we wish. Your career in blogging can lead you to that Xanadu.

But now you have to get started. You have to start. Even if you don’t know what to write about, just start writing. See what you like and what you don’t. Even if no one’s reading, you’re gaining valuable experience. Your writing, in itself, is a log of your progress. With it, you tell your story. I look forward to hearing about your progress. Please e-mail or post a comment and let me know how it’s going. Come on this journey with me. Let’s do this together.

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